Mary Marie

Health Transformation Specialist

From debilitating disease to vibrant health, Mary's journey is a remarkable testament to the healing power within all of us.

Mary Marie's unlikely journey began in the humblest of places - a tiny town in Arkansas where opportunity was scarce. While her family struggled to make ends meet, Mary dreamed of creating a life filled with joy, adventure and abundance. Armed with fierce determination, she decided to pursue higher education. Mary double majored in finance and accounting, hoping to master the skills needed to build financial security. But she yearned for something more.

Mary followed her heart to Nashville's vibrant creative scene to be with her partner Logan as he pursued a career in the music industry. About a year after moving to Nashville, Mary's health took a shocking turn. Her once-active lifestyle gave way to numbing weakness, searing nerve pain and crushing migraines.

Mary spiraled from thriving to barely surviving.

After getting blood work done and being referred to a specialist, she was given the gut-wrenching news that she had an incurable autoimmune disease. She was told that all she could do was to wait and see if the strange illness advanced to the point where an official diagnosis of either Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus could be made.

Faced with an overwhelming dilemma, Mary had two options: to accept her powerlessness against an unknown disease or to take a leap of faith and unlock her hidden capacity to heal.

Refusing to submit to a bleak prognosis, Mary and Logan rejected the conventional limitations of Western medicine. Embracing Mary's newfound interest in Ayurveda, they embarked on a journey of holistic healing and transformation. Through a combination of Logan's empowering mindset coaching and Mary’s own dedication and discipline, she experienced a monumental shift in her identity. Despite the odds, she overcame her condition, activated her healing capacities, and finally found her true purpose.

As her transformation unfolded, Mary's passion crystallized: she yearned to empower others on their healing journey. Armed with determination and fueled by personal experience, she pursued a master's degree in Maharishi Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine at MIU, the only accredited master's program in the US for Ayurveda. Her studies also led her to Kerala, India—the birthplace of Ayurveda—where she immersed herself in its ancient traditions. In India she was able to sharpen her skills with rigorous clinical training at Sreedhareeyam, one of the oldest and largest Ayurvedic hospitals in the world. Complementing her expertise with other healing modalities, Mary is also a certified Reiki Master and an avid student of Aroma Therapy.

A bridge between ancient traditions and modern sensibilities, Mary's approach applies the holistic perspective of Ayurveda to today's challenges. United with Logan, her partner in life and transformation, they are on a mission to share Ayurveda's power through a practical blend of lifestyle guidance, self-care routines, mindset coaching, and the pursuit of purpose.

Mary's inspiring story serves as a reminder that you possess the untapped potential to overcome any health challenges and manifest the life of your dreams. Mary's message resonates loud and clear: by tapping into your innate intelligence, you can embark on a transformational journey that leads to optimal health and profound fulfillment.

Are you ready to find vibrant health and create the life that you deserve? Let Mary help you tap into your innate power to heal and transform.

Uncover the beauty inside of you and watch as it radiates outward into the world.