Logan Crowell

Life Transformation Specialist

From the challenges of young adulthood to becoming an industry trailblazer, Logan's journey is a compelling tale of transformation and resilience. It was in the vibrant atmosphere of Europe, where Logan's life took a dramatic turn. Fresh from a life-changing study-abroad program, he found himself at a crossroads. A profound shift was about to take place.

In this period of uncertainty, Logan discovered 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. The teachings in this book ignited a spark within him, leading to a profound detachment from his ‘thinking mind’ and finding peace in the present moment. Facing a myriad of challenges, Logan embraced the power of mindset, which became the cornerstone of his transformative journey.

He dove into a daily practice of meditation, yoga, and reading wisdom texts, which drastically shifted his perspective on life. His fitness regimen fueled his energy and confidence. Determined to fulfill his potential in mind, body, and spirit, Logan found his true purpose, laying the foundation for his new identity. It was during this time that he discovered a passion for music. Channeling his emotions into songwriting, Logan wrote over 100 songs, finding in music a powerful form of expression and a deep sense of purpose.

Upon deciding to pursue music as a career, Logan moved to Nashville, a city renowned for its musical heritage. There, he studied music business and audio production at Belmont University. His consistent practice in meditation and contemplation gave him an innovative edge in music and business. Within his first year at Belmont, Logan conceptualized multiple new business models for the music industry, including the creation of HOME - Helping Our Music Evolve. HOME is a pioneering music industry support hub, providing creators access to studios, rehearsal spaces, and a rich community network. Logan’s innovative work with HOME earned him the Industry Impact Award and recognition as one of Belmont's Top 100 Entrepreneurs for three consecutive years.

Life's complexities continued to shape Logan's journey when his partner, Mary Marie, faced a significant health challenge. Drawing upon a decade of dedicated practice in yoga, meditation, and mindset, Logan supported Mary through a lifestyle and mindset overhaul. Their exploration for healing introduced them to Ayurveda's ancient wisdom, leading to Mary's remarkable recovery and her pursuit of a Master's Degree in Ayurveda.

Logan’s relentless pursuit of knowledge spans holistic health, personal development, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and more. Together with Mary, they have pioneered 'Ayurveda Life Design,' a holistic health approach that empowers clients to tap into their inner wisdom and design their dream life.

Today, Logan continues to influence thousands through transformative coaching, business consulting, and nonprofit work. Leveraging Ayurvedic practices, mindset mastery, and a holistic approach, he sparks transformative journeys, guiding individuals to align with their deepest sense of purpose. Logan's story stands as a testament to the boundless potential within each person. A reminder that everyone holds the key to their destiny.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and design the life of your dreams? Join Logan in this extraordinary journey, embracing the symphony of life and mastering your unique role in it.