Logan Crowell

Life Transformation Specialist

From the depths of a prison cell to becoming an industry trailblazer, Logan's comeback story is nothing short of inspiring.

It was September 2008, and Logan's life took a dramatic turn. Fresh from a life-changing study-abroad program in Europe, he was arrested and locked in a jail cell, facing charges for conspiracy to distribute LSD. The fire he played with had finally engulfed him. No bond and no chance of freedom for years to come. But in the darkest of places, a serendipitous encounter changed everything.

After a few weeks of misery, the jailhouse book cart came through and Logan found a copy of 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. Those teachings became the spark for a profound shift that allowed Logan to detach from his ‘thinking mind’ and find peace in the present moment. Imagine the challenge of battling negative thoughts in a jail cell, facing an unknown sentence and a bleak future. But that seed was planted, and it led Logan to master the power of mindset.

As he served over 5 years in federal prison, Logan's transformational journey began to unfold.

A daily practice of meditation, yoga and reading wisdom texts drastically shifted his thinking. His fitness regimen began to give him more energy and confidence. Logan became determined to fulfill his highest potential in mind, body and spirit. Uncovering his true purpose became the foundation of his new identity, and it was the daily opportunity to check out an acoustic guitar that kindled a new passion. Channeling his emotions and pain into music, Logan wrote over 100 songs and discovered a life-altering art form. Music was a major catalyst in his transformation and gave him a deep sense of purpose while incarcerated. Always an avid concert goer and music lover, Logan devoted himself wholly to pursuing music as a career.

Upon release in 2014, Logan quickly realized he needed to surround himself with other serious musicians. The following year he sought permission from his parole officer to move to Nashville so that he could study music business and audio production at Belmont University. Logan’s consistent meditation and contemplation gave him a creative edge for innovation in both music and business. Within his first year attending Belmont, Logan conceptualized multiple new business models for the music industry, including the groundbreaking HOME - Helping Our Music Evolve. HOME is a creator-first music industry support hub where members gain access to top level studios, rehearsal and performance spaces along with a plethora of community connections and resources. Logan’s work with HOME earned him the Industry Impact Award and recognition as one of Belmont's Top 100 Entrepreneurs for three consecutive years.

In the midst of a wildly challenging startup, life threw yet another curveball – Logan’s partner, Mary Marie, began to battle with an "incurable" autoimmune illness. A decade of dedicated yoga, meditation, and mindset practice positioned Logan to coach Mary through a radical shift in lifestyle and thinking. Their quest for healing led them to Ayurveda's ancient and holistic approach. Ayurveda's power, coupled with their determination to thrive, led to Mary's complete healing and her pursuit of a Master's Degree in Ayurveda.

Logan’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and unwavering desire to empower others has led him to consume countless books on holistic health, personal development, spirituality, entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, sales and technology. Armed with practical modern-day knowledge and timeless ancient wisdom, he and Mary are now pioneering a new kind of holistic health called 'Ayurveda Life Design' that helps clients enliven their inner intelligence and design the life of their dreams.

Today, Logan continues to impact thousands through his transformative coaching, business consulting and nonprofit work. With Ayurvedic best practices, mindset mastery, and a truly holistic approach, he ignites the spark within, aligning you with your deepest sense of purpose. Logan's journey stands as a testament to boundless human potential. A reminder that you hold the key to your own destiny.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and design the life of your dreams? Step into the extraordinary with Logan by your side.

Embrace the symphony that is this human life and learn to play your part masterfully.